Plumbing Video Inspection

Find out why your plumbing keeps clogging up

Did you know that age and deterioration of pipes can cause problems to keep happening?

With new video inspection technology, you can see exactly what is going on in your plumbing’s drainage system WITHOUT cutting open your walls or tearing up your floors. And, with our GPS Locator device, we can pinpoint exactly where the problem spot is BEFORE demo to reduce mess and down-time!

What Our
Customers Say...

Yes. If you continually have issues with clogged drains, if your house was built before 1975, or if you want a more thorough home inspection, video inspection of your plumbing drainage system is recommended.

No. Most video inspections can be performed outside via the vent stacks on the roof or from the clean-out in the ground. Some jobs may require pulling the toilet, but mess is minimal and easily cleaned.

No. The plumbing camera technology we use is designed to go through already existing access points to your drainage system (i.e. vent stacks on the roof, clean-out in the ground, and through the toilet flange which does require pulling the toilet) and traveling the system as it was designed to be used in the first place. Just think of what goes through there after you finish using the toilet, and you get the idea!

A video inspection lets you see your entire drainage system from the vents, to the main line under your house, to the sewer from the house to the city/county tap or the septic tank inlet. Video inspection does not include waste arms to the vent stack, but issues with waste arms can be diagnosed without use of a camera.

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